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CyberPower Single Phase UPS Systems

UPS Systems | CyberPower Single Phase UPS Systems

CyberPower Single Phase UPS Systems offer solutions to your power problems for Corporate, Home Office, Broadband and Telecom.

CyberPower designs and manufactures a complete line of uninterruptible power supply (UPS) systems to meet the full spectrum of power protection needs from broadband and telecom to enterprise applications and home office and entertainment systems, all designed to protect sensitive electronic equipment and vital data from potential harm. CyberPower’s Smart App Series is designed for mission critical enterprise, corporate, departmental networks/servers and home office environments. With a robust offering of Online, Sinewave, and Intelligent LCD UPS, the Smart App series can meet the ever-changing demands in a multitude of work environments requiring maximum power protection.

The three topologies — standby, line interactive, and double-conversion — offer different levels of protection from power problems to address the needs of users in varying environments. The waveform output is either sine wave or simulated sine wave, depending upon the product family and model. These forms of output are crucial to the optimal performance of connected equipment. Typical features include energy-saving GreenPower UPS™ design, data line protection, and management software to easily control and monitor your UPS.


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