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PDI – Mission Critical Power Quality and Distribution

Power Distribution | PDI – Mission Critical Power Quality and Distribution

PDI PDUPower Distribution, Inc. (PDI), an Eaton Company, provides power transformation, distribution and monitoring solutions for data centers and other critical or high-value electrical systems.  Considered best-in-class by enterprise data center managers, PDI PDU equipment offers the most reliable and user-friendly mission critical power distribution equipment available.

PDI is constantly innovating to make their solutions more efficient, safer, reliable and adaptable to an ever-changing landscape of power requirements and their comprehensive product portfolio features advanced technologies to Transform. Distribute. Monitor.™ today’s and tomorrow’s data centers. The Power Distribution Units are configurable, highly efficient PDUs with optional integrated BCMS, shielding and isolation with single point ground reference.

In addition to their best-in-class PDU equipment, PDI offers reliable and efficient power quality solutions for data centers with custom designs, system integration, and a global service offering.  PDI provides expertise in consulting, design and manufacturing of power transformers and distribution systems, static switching, power monitoring, RF, AC, DC, data signal and EMP protectors, in addition to power quality engineering services.

PDI Power Distribution Units (PDU) Offer:

  • Sizes from 50 kVA to 1.25 MVA
  • Standard Copper or Aluminum DOE2016 transformers
  • Optional future-proof dual and triple output transformers
  • True Front Access enclosure enabling all operation, maintenance and service from front of the PDU (PowerPak 2 & PowerHub 2)
  • Optimized convection cooled enclosures
  • Intelligent WaveStar® power monitoring
  • Wide variety of panelboard and sub-feed breaker distribution options
  • Front access infrared scanning (PowerPak 2 & PowerHub 2)
  • Compartmentalized controls and high voltage enclosures (PowerPak 2 & PowerHub 2)
  • Adaptable service entrances for Top/Bottom Entry/Exit
  • Available in three platforms purpose built for either retro-fit or greenfield build-outs

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