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Custom Power PackagesBack-up power requirements often demand more than an off-the-shelf solution, they require custom power packages.  Some projects are more challenging and may have specifications that seem impossible to meet. At Alpha Ener Tech, we work with best-in-class manufacturers of UPS systems, DC power systems, batteries, enclosures, power distribution and monitoring equipment.  Our broad product line, access to manufacturer service groups, and vendor-neutral approach allow us to configure the best custom power package for our customers.

By bundling standard products from different manufacturers and, in some cases, modifying off-the-shelf parts, we can create a complete packaged solution tailored to your needs. We look at your project through a vendor-neutral lens, evaluating your power sizing and runtime requirements and factor in space and environmental constraints. Then, we take the best off the shelf solution and customize it to ensure you have reliable back-up power protection.  Finally, we enlist the expertise of manufacturer service groups to install, start-up, and service the equipment.

Application Examples of Custom Power Packages

Equipment Revitalization
Retrofits and refresh services are a great example of our ability to extend the useful life of equipment.  These customized services update aging equipment with minimal cost and downtime.  In many cases, retrofits and refresh services can result in an essentially new UPS or power system at 35% of the estimated cost of a complete replacement and without the downtime typically associated with an equipment installation.

Rugged Applications
Delivering critical power in harsh climate conditions or remote areas requires a specialized approach to get the best results. We’ve partnered with manufacturers who specialize in these applications to offer our customers a single source for a complete ready-to-install solution.  By bundling an enclosure with climate control and monitoring, a UPS built for extreme conditions and a string of maintenance-free batteries, we select the best components from our breadth of products to deliver a complete and customized package specifically configured for that application.

Non-Traditional Spaces
As organizations grow, their dependence upon a reliable network connection deepens, as does their reliance on network closets and data rooms. We create all in one power and cooling solutions for non-traditional data room locations and network closets where cooling is expensive to retrofit.  Recognizing the criticality of these tucked away spaces, we help our customers centrally monitor and manage their equipment with DCIM software, monitoring equipment, battery monitoring systems and more.

Our knowledgeable power experts combined with our industry-leading breadth of product and service offerings allow Alpha Ener Tech to provide our customers with a customized power package specifically tailored to their unique needs.

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