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Schneider Electric Cooling Solutions

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Schneider Electric Cooling SolutionsSchneider Electric Cooling Solutions includes Room and Rack air conditioners, air handlers and chillers. Designed to be easy to maintain, highly efficient, and to maximize ROI, they deliver precise temperature and humidity control for critical IT and Infrastructure environments including data center, cloud, and edge computing.

As the demands on today’s data centers continues to increase, so does the need for reliable data center cooling. Computing equipment creates heat and can cause cause hot spots in data centers that lead to equipment failure and downtime. Controlling the temperature and humidity in data centers helps facilities protect expensive equipment and avoid downtime.

With reliable, integrated cooling, from chiller and economizer plants to computer room air conditioners, Schneider Electric equipment tackles cooling issues head on to lower costs and reduce downtime risk. They provide all levels of heat removal for different sized rooms and applications. Whether you’re building new, retrofitting, or modernizing, your facility can achieve a healthy data center environment with Schneider Electric’s data center equipment.

Uniflair Room Cooling options are a complete and flexible range of direct expansion and chilled-water room-based air-conditioning units for precise humidity and temperature control both on edge and data center applications. Uniflair InRow cooling is row-based chilled water and direct expansion cooling solutions in banks of server cabinets to provide targeted cooling for small and midsize data centers.

Schneider Electric Cooling Solutions Benefits

  • Improve cooling efficiency
  • Reduce cooling costs and improve your bottom line and environmental footprint
  • Protect valuable equipment and save on replacement costs
  • Increase your rack density and compute power capacity
  • Modular solutions built to be easy to install
  • Monitoring capabilities 

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