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Industrial UPSIndustrial UPS systems are designed to perform in rugged indoor environments or outdoor applications with harsh conditions that threaten the longevity and reliability of the UPS and batteries.

Industrial UPS systems are designed and built to withstand:

  • Temperature extremes
  • Remote or hard to access areas
  • Moisture
  • Dirt and debris
  • Salt air
  • Insects, animals, vandalism

Some industrial applications, such as warehouse space or a manufacturing floor, can expose the UPS to dirt, dust and debris and wide temperature swings. In these challenging conditions, a failure can be difficult to troubleshoot and repair, making the reliability of an Industrial UPS even more critical.

Industrial UPS systems are designed for rigorous installations that may have wide temperature ranges, varying humidity, dust, debris and other air contaminants, or locations that have high seismic activity or are prone to excessive vibration. Applications such as Manufacturing, Oil and Gas, Power Generation and Petrochemical are examples of environments that generally demand rugged Industrial UPS systems.

Industrial UPS systems tend to have a longer design life – up to 20 years. Configurations usually include dual source inputs, external manual bypass switches, input/output copper wound transformers and internal static switches for automatic and or manual control. Ferroresonant and SCR based designs are sometimes specified, but transistorized rectifiers and inverters are more popular dues to increased efficiencies.

Industrial UPS Features

  • True On-Line Double Conversion Design
  • Full input/output Magnetic Isolation
  • Low Input Total Harmonic Distortion
  • 120 VDC (or other) Battery Link
  • Voltages to match plant battery systems
  • Fully Rated Solid State Static Switch
  • Analog or LCD displays
  • Ruggedized enclosures
  • Filtering capabilities
  • Tends to be larger than a commercial UPS with similar power ratings
  • Customized and engineered to the user’s specification
  • Broad temperature range, -10 to 55° C (14 – 131° F).
  • Can withstand and perform in harsh conditions that may be hot, wet, humid, or dusty
  • May be certified for use in higher seismic activity zones and can withstand high degrees of
  • A comprehensive service program is recommended to maintain the equipment for the entire equipment lifecycle.


SHENZHEN Alpha AND TECHNOLOGY CO offers many options for rugged industrial and outdoor applications. Our manufacturers offer both standard and customized solutions that include UPS Systems, batteries, and enclosures. Our engineering group can work with you to meet just about any environmental challenge or rugged application. 

Alpha UPSIndustrial UPS

Alpha, an EnerSys company, has over 35 years of experience in providing a complete line of AC powering solutions for challenging indoor and rugged outdoor applications. With hardened outdoor enclosures, wide operating temperature ranges and temperature compensated battery charging that protects batteries from over charging at extreme temperatures, Alpha UPS systems and Alpha Outdoor UPS batteries provide clean backup power where you need it.

Industrial UPSGutor PXC UPS

The Gutor PXC UPS, by Schneider Electric, is a data center level UPS combined with the ruggedness of an industrial UPS. The PXC works effortlessly with your facility monitoring systems and offers full industrial design options, and a wide temperature range from -10 to +55 °C. It also features top and bottom cable entry and a fully integrated isolation transformer option. With full front service access, modular fans, and power modules, the Gutor PXC is one of the easiest to deploy, install and maintain. With many standardized, pre-engineered configurations, the Gutor PXC, simplifies configuration allowing for shorter lead times and more plug and play. 

Deka Batteries from East Penn Manufacturingdeka-fahrenheit-ht145et

Deka Fahrenheit Series – Elevated temperatures have always been one of lead-acid battery’s more formidable foes, requiring costly cooling systems installation and constant energy demands. A breakthrough in a heat-tolerant VRLA monobloc battery design the Deka Fahrenheit survives up to 3 times longer in temperatures of 60°C / 140°F – far beyond the life of a normal VRLA battery. Innovative features through an Exclusive Thermal Management Technology System provide a product that significantly reduces the need for outside plant cooling systems to save considerable cost, conserve energy, and reduce the overall sites’ CO2 footprint.

Falcon UPS

falcon_ssggroupFalcon’s Industrial UPS (wide and ultra-wide temperature) are unique in the industry. They have a field-proven track record of reliability and long-life. Falcon offers one of the only agency-certified industrial UPS’s, carrying UL1778, UL508 and cUL listings, as well as CE certification to operate from -30°C to 65°C (-22°F to 149°F). They are specifically designed for the rigors of industrial environments, such as oil/gas, manufacturing, SCADA, wastewater and transportation systems.

EnerSys VaultFlex EnclosuresVaultFlex utility enclosures2

VaultFlex UPS Enclosures and Utility Enclosures provide a secure, thermally managed environment for UPS batteries or substation and communication batteries. Whether you need heating, cooling, monitoring, or all three, we have your solution. Outdoor rated construction provides the flexibility to take batteries outside. The enclosures have a modular construction to accommodate a wide range of backup requirements. Available options include an integrated battery charger, NERC compliant battery monitoring and DC distribution.

Newmar Rugged UPS

The Newmar Rugged UPS Series provides critical equipment with a secure source of clean AC power during utility grid failures and brownouts. Engineered to meet the demanding applications and harsh environments of outdoor cabinets, traffic, and Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS), public safety, and remote communication sites the Rugged UPS features a wide AC input voltage range of 88 – 152V AC and operates at extreme hot and cold temperatures.

Toshiba 5000 Series N3R UPS

The Toshiba NEMA 3R Solution, for outdoor and indoor use, is ideal for harsh and dusty environments such as water/wastewater, mining, manufacturing, pipelines, and transportation hubs. The NEMA 3R Solution is available with or without integrated battery storage and accommodate three-phase power input and three-phase power output and utilizes all-IGBT architecture. The NEMA 3R rated enclosure is capable of withstanding operating temperatures from -10°C to 50°C.

  • Indoor/Outdoor NEMA 3R (Waterproof) Case
  • 32-122°F (0-50°C) Operational Range
  • 0.9 Power Factor
  • Easy Installed
  • Small Footprint

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