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Custom Configured Outdoor UPS Systems

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Custom Configured Outdoor UPS SystemsThere are a variety of applications for Custom Configured Outdoor UPS Systems including remote edge computing, power to telecom networks, traffic and railroad signals, sensors and monitoring equipment, and building security. The environment in which these UPS systems need to be installed covers as broad a range. Operating temperatures need to be evaluated carefully, as do other environmental considerations such as humidity, dust, or salt air.

Additionally, outdoor threats are more than just environmental – animals, pests, and physical security are all important considerations as are mounting location and connectivity and communication.

Things to consider when building Custom Configured Outdoor UPS Systems

Step 1 – Understand and specify your power requirement – The outdoor UPS module is the building block to start with. The most common variables are load capacity (in Watts or VA), input and output voltage, and connectivity and communications capability.

Step 2 – Understand and specify your runtime objective – The greatest challenge in configuring an outdoor UPS is often selecting and sizing the batteries. Desired runtime and system voltage generally dictate the size and quantity of battery. The external batteries are the primary limiter in terms of the actual operating temperature range of the outdoor UPS and, even high temperature batteries will likely require some thermal management to match the nameplate temperature range of the UPS module.

Step 3 – What is the environment? – All outdoor UPS systems will require some sort of enclosure for protection from the elements and physical security. The options available for enclosures cover a wide span including, size, mounting options, integrated thermal management, inside access and more. The UPS and battery selections will likely dictate the size. Other factors, such as outdoor UPS application, location, regulatory requirements and thermal and security considerations will also be a factor.

Thermal Management – This can range from something as complex as a complete HVAC system integrated into the enclosure, to a simple fan and a battery heater mat. It is important to remember that keeping batteries warm in extreme cold is almost as important as keeping them cool in the heat.

Other convenience features include integrated ATS and bypass options, sliding battery trays for easy maintenance, battery monitoring, networked UPS communication and monitoring, access and security alarms, police doors, and venting kits.

Our experts can assist with building a custom outdoor UPS based on specifications you provide, or a standard solution may be available. We also offer assembly and installation services for a turn-key outdoor UPS deployment.


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