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DC Power Installation Services

DC Power Systems and DC Power Supplies | DC Power Installation Services

DC Power Installation ServicesThe Alpha Ener Tech DC Power Installation Services team understands that the power for your network is crucial to your success. We are experts with deep experience in designing, deploying and supporting integrated Alpha Ener Tech that deliver optimal results. Our Professional Services are designed to ensure our customers can rely on DC power and integration expertise from day one of planning for a new project. By leveraging our experienced engineering and installation staff, we can help our customers reduce cost of acquisition, increase speed of deployment and lower on-going operational costs through optimal power system designs.

DC Power Installation Services Offer:

  • DC & AC Power Knowledge and Expertise
  • Proactive Customer Relationships
  • Quality and Reliability
  • Service Choice and Flexibility
  • Comprehensive North American Footprint
  • Dedicated Engineering Consultant and Installation Team

DC Power Services Range:

  • Installation of -48V and +24V Stand alone power systems
  • Installation, replacement and disposal of battery plants (VRLA, Wet Cells, NiCADs & alternative battery systems)
  • BDFB/BDCBB installations and growth installs
  • Transport installations, to include DC primary and secondary terminations – DS1, DS3, Ethernet and fiber connectivity – ATM routers, switches and data products
  • DC to AC inverted power systems
  • Test and turn-up capabilities
  • Equipment removal and disposal services – DC power equipment – Battery plant, death certificates – Cable mining and rack removal
  • Quality Assurance Programs – Focused on customer standards – Dedicated staff of auditors for on-site review/reporting and asset tracking
  • Professional project management and logistical services

DC Power Installation Services – What Sets Us Apart

  • Services for complex site engineering and deployment programs; to full operations and lifecycle management
  • Technology designed for decades of reliable use in extreme environmental conditions
  • Standards-based, open-architecture solutions to address diverse needs, accelerate ROI, and lower TCO
  • System recoverability and future growth flexibility

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