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Eaton Visual Capacity Optimization Manager (VCOM)

Eaton Visual Capacity Optimization Manager (VCOM)Eaton Visual Capacity Optimization Manager (VCOM) is a data center system optimization platform. An intuitive, on-premise power management software, Eaton VCOM provides business intelligence by monitoring both IT and facilities power infrastructure.

The platform features capabilities designed to reduce data center operational expenses, improve system and application reliability, and mitigate risk using data analysis. Through VCOM, users gain the unique ability to easily track usage, utilization, and capacity limits with the additional advantage of reacting more quickly to address any potential problems or inefficiencies.

Eaton Visual Capacity Optimization Manager Benefits

  • Monitor entire infrastructure from utility to application
  • Provides an alternative to manual monitoring for cost-sensitive operators
  • Offers a migration path to automated management tool as data center expands
  • For colocation/multi-tenant applications VCOM provides billing parameters for power, cooling, space
  • Multi-tenancy for view across many clients
  • Reduced inefficiencies (power, cooling, space)
  • Quick and accurate location of faulty devices including root cause and impact analysis

Eaton Visual Capacity Optimization Manager Features

  • 3D visualization – View digital renderings and identify problem areas at all levels of the data center as well as across the enterprise
  • Capacity planning – Utilize “what-if” scenarios to understand current usage to predict if capacity is present for upcoming projects
  • Workflow management – Users can manage projects, tasks and work orders from creation to closure
  • ITSM integration – Out-of-box integration with ITSM platforms like ServiceNow, Remedy, etc.
  • Aggregate dashboards – Dynamic dashboards allow data aggregation from a global view down to specific areas on a floor
  • Includes Visual Power Manager(VPM) software

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