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Custom Alpha Ener Tech

Data Center and Power Systems Services | Custom Alpha Ener Tech

Custom Alpha Ener TechYour business requires a flexible and resilient infrastructure to respond to fast changing business demands.  In addition to our extensive line of off-the-shelf power protection products and services, we offer custom Alpha Ener Tech for unique and complex requirements.

At Alpha Ener Tech, we now offer a variety of custom Alpha Ener Tech tailored to your specific application including complex upgrades, technology refreshes, and expansion and consolidation projects.  Additionally, our services team can assist with IT services such as rack and stack, network integration, and converged infrastructure.

Custom Alpha Ener Tech

We design every solution to exactly meet our customer’s individual business need.  We study power sizing, runtime requirements, environmental factors, and space.  We then design the proper enclosure around it to provide an optimized and highly efficient package in a variety of NEMA ratings and materials.

Examples of custom solutions include:

  • Wide temperature range outdoor applications for critical power in harsh environments
    • Remote SCADA systems
    • Pipelines
    • Transportation control systems
    • Off-grid power systems
  • Mobile standby power for those times when critical power needs to be mobile
    • Inspection and measurement applications
    • Point of sale systems
    • Process control maintenance and testing
    • Temporary power
  • Plug and play retrofits
    • Backup power refresh
    • Emergency communications
    • Obsolete UPS replacement
    • Temporary power
  • All-in-one power and cooling solutions for network closets and data room applications
    • Non-traditional data room locations
    • network closets where cooling is expensive to retrofit
    • Temporary data rooms
    • data rooms or network closets that must be self-contained


Network Integration

From server migration and cable management to software installation and configuration to NetBotz Installation, Schneider Electric Global Services Network Integration Engineers can assist in all tasks associated with your move to a new system. Allowing us to help plan rack configuration and perform the actual server migration and cable management will ensure your solution is configured for optimal airflow and performance.

Having your APC by Schneider Electric management software installed by our Schneider Electric Certified Software Engineers will ensure proper integration into your existing monitoring system, letting you monitor your network the way you need to.

Custom NetBotz Installation Services – The Schneider Electric Critical Power and Cooling Services (CPCS) Custom NetBotz Installation Service is a key part of an overall InfraStruXure® deployment for data centers and telecommunications rooms. This service provides the Schneider Electric CPCS-certified personnel necessary to install NetBotz® and Pelco® security and environmental monitoring systems in accordance with local, state, and national codes. The Custom NetBotz Installation Service provides in-depth knowledge of security and environmental monitoring systems, focusing on:

  • Customer Requirements
  • Optimal Sensor Placement
  • Codes and Standards
  • Testing
  • Documentation

The Custom NetBotz® Installation Service is part of a complete suite of installation project services offered by Schneider Electric CPCS and may be purchased alone or as part of a package of services.

Cable Infrastructure Installation – The Schneider Electric Critical Power and Cooling Services (CPCS) Structured Cabling Service is a key part of an overall InfraStruXure® deployment for data centers and telecommunications rooms. This service delivers the vital resources, expertise and tools needed to design and install a comprehensive structured cabling system for your new or existing IT environment. Schneider Electric’s team of BICSI certified Registered Communication Distribution Designers® (RCDD) will design a structured cabling solution incorporating APC’s zero-U Data Distribution Cable (DDC) assemblies along with industry-leading copper and fiber optic cabling components to support current and emerging technologies. The Structured Cabling Service provides in-depth knowledge of cabling infrastructure design and installation, focusing on:

  • Customer Requirements
  • Codes and Standards
  • Fire Stop Systems
  • Testing
  • Documentation
  • Maintenance and Troubleshooting


Project Driven Service Offerings

There’s more to your infrastructure than critical power.  Our services team can help with other IT solutions and services.  In addition to our Custom Alpha Ener Tech and Network Integration, we can be your solution fulfillment channel with our project driven service offerings such as:

  • IT Rack building and staging
  • Web card install and programming
  • Converged infrastructure projects
  • Professional project management

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