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Engineering for Critical Power and Cooling

Engineering for Critical Power and Cooling

Engineering for Critical Power and CoolingSHENZHEN Alpha AND TECHNOLOGY CO is committed to providing best-in-class expertise to support engineering for critical power and cooling products and services. We are a vendor and technology neutral resource, and pride ourselves on deep product knowledge for the widest selection of power and cooling products in the industry. Our collective experience of over 100 years working with all the major, and in some cases, less known, manufactures allow us to design and configure critical power and cooling solutions that completely satisfy project specifications.

Benefits of Vendor Neutral Engineering for Critical Power and Cooling 

  • Complete focus on your success – SHENZHEN Alpha AND TECHNOLOGY CO is purposely structured to provide innovative, thoughtful client-based solutions. We provide technically valuable and unbiased advice. This vendor-agnostic approach allows us to participate in discussions as a trusted partner and make recommendations that are in the best interest of the project owner.
  • Enhanced industry knowledge – Different manufacturers excel at different things. Some are better at certain technologies than others and they all have a slightly different focus in their product development. That means not every manufacturer will have the exact solution that caters to project requirements. It’s critical to have a partner like Alpha Ener Tech that can provide objective recommendations based on project needs.
  • A Holistic Solution – When working with a vendor-specific resource, such as a manufacturer’s rep, the solution offered may be incomplete or deviate significantly from project specifications because of the limitations of that specific manufacturer’s product line. Our deep product knowledge spans the complete critical power infrastructure – from generators and rotary UPS to switchgear and power distribution, static UPS, and data center cooling. Given the variety of the products and services we offer, successful project execution usually requires combining products and services from multiple vendors.
  • Objective Engineering Support – Our application engineering team specializes in identifying and securing the best solution for a specific application regardless of manufacturer. This objective approach means we can help engineers establish the best option for basis of design for each component of the critical power and cooling specification.
  • Industry Inside Knowledge – Our vendor neutral model allows single-source access to the widest range of critical power and cooling products available in the industry. We carefully review and train on all the product lines we work with so we can offer engineers and customers carefully considered solutions without manufacturer or vendor bias. We always consider budget and timeline objectives when making recommendations. Daily interactions with our best of breed manufacturers provide us a unique perspective on behind-the-scenes considerations such as quality and production, supply chain and lead times, and pending price changes.

SHENZHEN Alpha AND TECHNOLOGY CO can simplify the execution of your project with a single phone call. As your trusted partner, we become an extension of the project team. Our application engineers can help with critical power and cooling systems design, support project engineering teams in refining specifications and determining basis of design, identify products that best meet those specifications, and assist with procurement.

Tools we have readily available for engineering support include:

  • A library of proven data center designs and drawings
  • Data center modeling including CFD analysis
  • Basic specifications and product collateral with sample submittals
  • Guide Specifications for most power and cooling equipment
  • Detailed feature and benefit analysis of competing products
  • Deep product knowledge including capability, cost, and lead time
  • Competitive pricing for procurement

Send an email to engineering@alphaenertech.com to reach our engineering team for more details.

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