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Alber Battery Monitoring

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Alber Battery MonitoringVertiv’s Alber Battery Monitoring solutions include Monitoring Software, Stationary Monitors and Portable Monitors. Alber battery monitors are designed specifically for each industry. This provides the most cost-effective solution, tailored for the most common battery configuration in each industry including Data Center, Utilities, and Telecom.

According to a recent analysis of actual field results of batteries in real-world UPS environments by Vertiv’s service organization, data centers with Alber battery monitoring systems installed on-site had a reduced rate of outages due to bad batteries. The use of Alber monitoring systems by customers increased the Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF) by more than double when compared to preventive maintenance alone.

The remote use of Alber battery monitoring systems by Vertiv technical experts resulted in no outages due to bad batteries. Not only does remote monitoring lift the burden of monitoring from internal personnel, but in many cases, it also integrates onsite and remote preventative maintenance activities in order to maximize battery availability.

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