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ASCO PowerQuest CPMS Maintenance Services

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ASCO PowerQuest CPMS Maintenance ServicesASCO PowerQuest CPMS Maintenance Services are the most cost-effective way to keep systems up-to-date, minimize equipment downtime, and maintain compliance with industry and regulatory standards. Maintenance service agreements ensure that ASCO can provide timely security patches, adjustments, and preventive maintenance for Critical Power Management Systems.

ASCO PowerQuest CPMS Maintenance Services Framework

  • Adaptive – Keeps systems compatible with emerging business and technical requirements. Whether it’s updating an Operating System or alarm settings, or adding and removing equipment, our services address evolving facility needs.
  • Perfective – Adjusts settings and functions to optimize system operation. Manages storage capacity and synchronizes device timing to improve system performance.
  • Corrective – Detects and corrects errors to increase system compliance and efficiency. ASCO experts diagnose faulty hardware, troubleshoot device communications, and execute repairs.
  • Prescriptive – Protects CPMS equipment from potential vulnerabilities, predicts problems, and recommends solutions. From security updates to software patches, ASCO foresight provides peace-of-mind.

PowerQuest CPMS Maintenance Services Benefits

  • Enhanced Reliability – Periodic inspections and maintenance assure top performance and increase service life. ASCO corrects minor issues before they cause major problems.
  • Security & Compliance – ASCO evaluates threats, installs security patches, and updates application software. These services help protect critical power assets and support compliance with industry codes and standards.
  • 24x7x365 Support – ASCO’s Integration Specialists and Technicians are trained to meet customer demands. ASCO service teams work around-the-clock to maximize Critical Power Management System availability.

Scope of Service

ASCO assigns a dedicated PowerQuest CPMS Integration Specialist to each site. All Critical Power Management System service agreements include the following emergency and technical support services:

  • Support via Phone, Email, and ASCO’s web-based
  • Support Ticketing System
  • 24 x 7 Emergency Support
  • Periodic Remote Inspection and Service
  • Available On-Site Service
  • Remote Troubleshooting
  • Software Updates
  • Discounted Parts and Labor
  • Priority Access to ASCO Factory Parts Inventory


During the first consultation, our Specialist will recommend maintenance routines to update systems, detect anomalies, and prevent malfunctions. Thereafter, an ASCO Integration Specialist or Technician will provide remote or on-site services as recommended.

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