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Outdoor UPSOutdoor UPS systems are rugged back-up power supplies that are designed to support Access Control, Security, Public Utility and Telecommunications applications, most of which are in harsh outdoor locations.

These UPS systems are custom engineered to provide clean, uninterruptible back-up power and protect sensitive electronic equipment in harsh climates. Each component of these systems contributes to its hardiness, reliability and functionality.

Outdoor UPS Features
  • A wide operating temperature range
  • Optional add-on battery cabinets provide longer back-up times
  • Long life batteries reduce maintenance costs
  • Remote monitoring and control
  • Temperature compensated battery charging
  • Compact design
  • Independently programmable control and reporting
  • Ready-to-install

These UPS systems have standard or optional enclosures, are outdoor rated, come in a range of sizes, and have many available options such as environment sensors.

Because remote sites are hard to reach, and therefore hard to service, remote monitoring software is available to allow users to view the status of their systems on any connected device.

Whether it’s a small, pole mounted UPS, or a large tamper-proof enclosure, we offer an outdoor UPS that meets your requirements. See our range of outdoor solutions below or contact us for a custom solution.

Alpha UPS

Alpha, an EnerSys company, has over 35 years of experience in providing AC powering solutions for industrial indoor and challenging outdoor applications. With hardened outdoor enclosures, wide operating temperature ranges and temperature compensated battery charging that protects batteries from over charging at extreme temperatures, Alpha UPS systems and Alpha Outdoor UPS Batteries provide clean backup power where you need it.

For more information about Alpha UPS, call 86 21 5859 8677 or email sales@alphaenertech.com.

Falcon UPS

falcon_ssggroupFalcon’s Industrial UPS (wide and ultra-wide temperature) are unique in the industry. With a field-proven track record of reliability, Falcon offers one of the only agency-certified industrial UPS systems that carries UL1778, UL508 and cUL listings and has CE certification to operate from -30°C to 65°C (-22°F to 149°F). They are specifically designed for the rigors of industrial environments, such as oil/gas, manufacturing, SCADA, wastewater and transportation systems.

For more information about Falcon UPS products, call 86 21 5859 8677, or email 

Newmar UPS

The Newmar Rugged UPS Series provides critical equipment with a secure source of clean power during utility grid failures and brownouts. Engineered to meet the demanding applications and harsh environments of outdoor cabinets, traffic, and Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS), public safety, and remote communication sites; the Rugged UPS features a wide input voltage range of 88 – 152V AC and operates at extreme hot and cold temperatures.

For more information about Newmar UPS, call 86 21 5859 8677 or email sales@alphaenertech.com.


The TSI Power XUPS Outdoor UPS ensure continuous uninterrupted power for mission critical loads. This thoughtfully designed and reliable UPS is built to face the challenges of loads installed in harsh outdoor environments, equipped with wide-temperature, pure lead, gel batteries and housed in a weather-protected enclosure. They offer line-interactive automatic voltage regulation, over/under voltage protection, surge protection with heavy duty noise filtering, communications capability and optional extended battery backup.

For more information about TSI Power UPS, call 86 21 5859 8677 or email sales@alphaenertech.com.


For more information about Outdoor UPS solutions,
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