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ABB 827E Inverter System

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ABB 827E Inverter SystemThe ABB 827E Inverter System is an N+1 redundant and expandable source of AC power for the telecommunications industry. The highly reliable AC power output is robust enough to handle linear and nonlinear loads with low power factors or high crest factors such as personal computers, servers, and modems. Inverter modules operating in parallel eliminate the need for a second AC source of power.

The ABB 827E is a complete system that requires only 5 RU’s of space. It can be configured with a minimum of inverter units sized to meet the immediate need, and grown only as required. This allows for low first costs, but retains expandability to serve future needs. Combined with user defined input choices and a conservative foot print (8.75″H x 15″D), the market leading 827E is able to adapt to varying needs and requirements. The 827E can be purchased with +24VDC or -48VDC input. This feature broadens the range of applications to include both wireline and wireless applications. The +24VDC solution is sized to support various cell site applications including wireless backhaul. The +24VDC version of the 827E can provide 2.4KVA of 120VAC. The -48VDC product is designed to utilize the local -48VDC power supply. Its scalable architecture can serve applications requiring as much as 28.8KVA of 120VAC in a 4 shelf arrangement.

Note: GE Critical Power is now ABB

ABB 827E Inverter System Features

  • -48V input, scalable up to 28.8KVA @ 120VAC
  • +24V input scalable up to 2400VA @ 120VAC
  • Redundant inverter modules
  • Modular design lowers installed first costs
  • Compact depth of 15″ allows for large range of placement options
  • True sine wave output
  • Voltage THD less than 3%
  • Patented forced load share without LSO
  • Quickly back up and restore system configuration
  • Dial-up access with optional modem
  • Optional equipment includes Maintenance Bypass, AC Distribution panel

827E Inverter System Service Applications 

  • Anywhere high quality 120VAC is needed
  • Central Office
  • Wireless base station
  • CCTV
  • Critical servers, PC’s, modems and gateway devices
  • On premise telephone systems
  • Gate and Card Readers
  • HVAC facility management controllers
  • Diagnostic and test equipment

For more in-depth specifications, see the data sheet.

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