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Power Conditioners and Voltage Regulators

UPS Systems | Power Conditioners and Voltage Regulators

Alpha Ener Tech’ line of Power Conditioners and Voltage Regulators are ideal today’s increasingly complex facilities and interconnected networks  that face a number of power problems that can result from poor power quality. Alpha Ener Tech can protect your equipment from these power challenges such as voltage sags, line noise, surges, under voltage events, swells and harmonics.

Utilities struggle to keep up with the unrelenting demand for clean power and you can’t rely solely on them to provide it. With our power conditioners and voltage regulators behind you, your company’s operations managers and facility engineers can be assured that their power supply will get the job done, no matter what level of reliability your company requires. Without an investment in the quality of power running this equipment, you can expect downtime and equipment disruption.

An effective Power Quality strategy should provide the following:
  • Harmonic mitigation – Many applications require solutions to reduce harmonic current and voltage distortion
  • Interruption solutions – Reduce problems associated with outages using UPS, paralleling switchgear, generators and/or energy storage devices
  • Voltage regulation – Stabilizes a facility’s voltage and eliminates costly problems due to under voltage and over voltage events
  • Surge protection – Eliminates problems associated with transients traveling on AC, telephone and communication lines
  • Effective grounding – A well-designed and properly installed grounding system is required for safety and operation of all electrical equipment

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