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IT and Data Center Enclosures

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IT and Data Center Enclosures

IT and Data Center Enclosures are a critical component of any network closet, data center, or IT space. As trends in IT continue to evolve, the major manufacturers have expanded their product lines to include a huge selection of specialty cabinets making today’s offering more compatible with a variety of applications and rack densities all while keeping an eye on user-friendly design.

Historically, IT managers have used traditional black 42U cabinets. However, as IT densities have increased, and dual corded equipment becomes more mainstream, the cable management and power distribution required for these high-density racks have made it difficult to maintain proper airflow in a standard sized cabinet. In response, the major manufacturers of IT and data center enclosures have expanded the size options of their cabinets to include extra-deep and extra-wide enclosures to accommodate more cable management and Zero U PDUs.

As the popularity of rack and stack offers from IT providers has increased, the IT and data center enclosure manufacturers have responded by offering enclosures available with shock packaging. These cabinets are designed to be configured and populated at the IT provider site, then re-packaged and shipped in the shock packaging to the final installation site ready to deploy.

Recognizing that working with black IT equipment and black cords in a black cabinet can be visually difficult, most manufacturers offer white cabinets to provide contrast and a brighter work environment inside the cabinet making them much more user-friendly. With the fast rise of hyperscale data centers and colocation offers, the IT and data center enclosure manufacturers have developed colo-specific enclosures that partition off half of the RU space to accommodate more than one tenant in a single rack without compromising security. Of course, other popular options are available also, such as seismic ratings, transparent acrylic doors, open sides, shallow-depth, wall-mount, noise-dampening for non-IT space deployments, and more.

SHENZHEN Alpha AND TECHNOLOGY CO works with quality manufacturers that design and build IT and data center enclosures and cabinets for the needs of today and tomorrow. With options for security, rugged design and a variety of sizes and mounts, we can help you find the ideal solution for your facility.

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