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Deka Batteries from East Penn Manufacturing Company

Standby Power Batteries | Deka Batteries from East Penn Manufacturing Company

Deka Batteries from East Penn Manufacturing CompanyEast Penn Manufacturing makes thousands of Deka Batteries in different sizes and types of lead-acid batteries as well as battery accessories for virtually any application. East Penn’s Deka batteries go through a series of over 250 stringent quality control checks and extensive testing to ensure the industry’s most accurate and dependable ratings. In addition, all Deka Unigy production facilities are certified to meet globally recognized ISO 9001 and TS16949 quality standards. All batteries shipped meet or exceed IEEE-485 and Telcordia capacity requirements.

As one of the leading manufacturers of VRLA reserve power batteries in North America, East Penn is the ideal solution for the needs of telecommunication, data centers, renewable energy, and other industries where uninterrupted power is essential. Our innovative solutions – based on over 65 years of experience – provide the industry’s most reliable backup power supply to critical business applications. East Penn owns and operates the largest single site battery manufacturing facility.  The East Penn manufacturing site includes a modern U.S. EPA permitted lead smelter, refinery and recycling center where virtually 100% of every used lead-acid battery returned to East Penn is recycled.

The energy landscape is evolving, and East Penn is well-positioned to evolve and grow with it, with world-class technologies and products that keep you completely powered. East Penn’s cutting edge R&D and innovation supports smart grid technology and renewable energy operations.

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