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Battery Chargers

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Battery ChargersAlpha Ener Tech offers a range of Industrial Battery Chargers chargers for the power generation and transmission and distribution markets of the utility industry, oil and gas and manufacturing industries. Our range of stationary float batteries, both single and three-phase, from Alpha, an EnerSys company, and HindlePower include Silicone Controller Rectifier (SCR) and High Frequency Switched-Mode chargers. Battery Chargers help your facility maintain the uptime that your employees and customers demand.

Types of Battery Chargers

Silicone Controlled Rectifier Chargers are rectifier controlled and ideal for for high performance and high capacity batteries. Today’s SCR chargers have controls to limit standby losses and therefore tested on average of 85 % efficient.

High Frequency Switched-Mode Chargers use transistor controls and an advanced charge algorithm to better communicate power requirements to the battery resulting in greater AC Efficiency. This gives the battery a cooler recharge profile allowing for more energy to be absorbed by the battery and a longer life. They also offer a smaller footprint.

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