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Great Lakes Aisle Containment

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Great Lakes Aisle ContainmentGreat Lakes Aisle Containment Solutions, made in the US, are designed and built to create physical barriers around cabinets to create a containment solution that reduces energy consumption and improves overall equipment performance and efficiency.  Their containment strategies are implemented by using doors, walls, and ceiling panels that are custom or standard and offer options such as clear or opaque doors, different color frames and handle options, and digital or key locks for security.  

A customer’s current data center infrastructure and their future expansion goals help to determine whether hot or cold aisle containment is the best airflow strategy.  Based on the type of containment a facility needs to implement, various doors, ceiling panels, and “walls” will be used to build the solution. Many components are custom containment products that create the most efficient solution for your unique space. Other products are standard and can be deployed quickly and economically.

Great Lakes manufactures TAA compliant data center solutions. Their robotic manufacturing and almost endless options means that they can offer the best fit for most data centers applications.

Great Lakes Aisle Containment Solutions

  • Auto-sliding doors
  • Manual sliding doors
  • Pivot doors
  • Hinge doors
  • Rigid walls

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