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CE+T NextGen UPSThe CE+T NextGen UPS, available in 47kW and 100kW, offers a unique topology that includes ECi technology. This technology allows their UPS to be a true hot swappable and modular UPS system that boasts zero downtime and dual AC/DC. NextGen also provides multiple bi-directional converters making the system grid re-injection ready or to save energy by back feeding to the grid. ECi technology simplifies installation and offers high efficiency and a long service life.

CE+T UPSThe NextGen UPS can be connected to any DC source, such as wind, solar, and flywheel, and is battery agnostic (Li-ion, Zinc, NiMH, VRLA). These UPS provide full redundancy (N+1, N+2, 2N…) in module, communication, and bussing. Each module has its own brain and is independent of the others creating a fail-safe set-up. The advanced Inview system provides real-time monitoring of your system from anywhere.

The NextGen UPS is a split phase, rack mount, hot-swappable UPS with a compact footprint and is ideal for applications that require ultra-low latency, connectivity and distributed computing.

CE+T NextGen UPS Features

  • TAA Compliant
  • Hot-swap modules do not require reconfiguration
  • Automatic phase balancing makes it generator friendly
  • Fail-safe design equal to Zero Downtime
  • Available in 48Vdc or 380 Vdc bus
  • Battery Agnostic: Compatible with many batteries’ chemistries including, Lead Acid, Nickel Zinc, NiCad, NiMH, Lithium based, Sodium-Ion, and Sodium
  • Grid Re-injection ready
  • Peak Shaving
  • Phase Balancing
  • Built-in power factor correction
  • All Plug and Play
  • No need for a costly maintenance contract. The modules are very low maintenance when used in indoor, clean room conditions
  • All modules are lightweight for easy handling by a single technician with no special tools required
  • Easy capacity expansion
  • Built-in Web/SNMP management
  • 7” LCD display
  • Audible alarms
  • Manual maintenance bypass (optional)
  • Up to 95% Efficiency
  • Optimized footprint allows for a wide range of uses in Electrical rooms
  • Input power factor correction reduces installation costs

ECI Technology Benefits

  • Allows energy to flow from source to load and vice versa
  • Provides harmonious mix of multiple energy sources including stored energy and renewables
  • Is modular and hot-pluggable
  • Adapts to varied customer requirements with flexible, customized configurations
  • Ranges from 9 kW to 2000 kW

CE+T NextGen UPS Specifications

47kW Height x Width x Depth: 83.0 in x 23.6 in x 31.5 in
47kW Weight (with batteries): 1265 lbs

101kW Height x Width x Depth: 83.0 in x 47.24 in x 31.5 in
101kW Weight (with batteries): 2520 lbs

For more in-depth specifications, see the data sheet.


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