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Square D Service Plans

Square D Service plansSquare D Service Plans mitigate your risk of downtime and unexpected repair costs, providing you with peace of mind. Without a proper maintenance strategy for your electrical distribution equipment, it’s just a matter of time before costly breakdowns will occur.

Having a Service Plan in place minimizes unplanned outages and costly remedial actions. Should an issue arise, we will ensure prompt response to get you back up and running. Best of all, our fixed-cost service plans take the guess-work out of your budget since there are no hidden charges. In order to meet current industry standards, our Service Plans are designed to meet your specific needs and bring you more value. There are three Service Plans to choose from, offering various levels of service: Plus, Prime and Ultra. Descriptions of each service plan are shown below. You also have the flexibility to choose a 12-month, 36-month or 72-month term.

Square D Service Plans Coverage Breakdown


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