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Digitization of One Line Electrical Diagrams

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The Digitization of One Line Electrical Diagrams Service can create Single Line Diagrams for missing, out-of-date or hard copy only Single Line Diagrams (SLD’s). In areas where most facilities are older buildings, it is very common that a current electrical SLD is missing, only exists in hard copy form, or doesn’t exist at all. This makes designing additions to a data center almost impossible. Without the ability to trace power distribution within a building, there is no way to know for sure how a service interruption or planned outage for maintenance will affect critical systems.

What is an Electrical Single Line Diagram?

A Single Line Diagram (SLD), also called a One Line Diagram, is a dedicated drawing that shows the connection between electrical distribution assets. It offers a comprehensive facility view of the power distribution infrastructure that is vital to electrical personnel who provide maintenance and repair. For both new or existing facilities, a single line diagram is a road map for all future testing, service, and maintenance activities. Additionally, it is needed to stay compliant with NFPA 70E Article 205.2.

Schneider Electric’s Electrical Digital Twin Service (EDTS), designs and delivers your electrical single line diagram using industry leading software tools and maintains and updates it through a dedicated service plan.  Schneider Electric collects electrical asset data and builds the digital SLD model in this unique service. Your SLD can be shared throughout your company, providing everyone with the benefits of our Electrical Digital Twin Service.

Without an up-to-date SLD, businesses run the risk of increased human error, such as shutting off the wrong part of an electrical system, which in turn can lead to unwanted downtime. With less site visibility, operators may inadvertently begin working on live pieces of equipment. In worst case scenarios, this can lead to injury, or even fatality. Having an up-to-date digital single line diagram will allow you to improve safety, reduce downtime, and meet regulatory requirements.

Benefits of Digitization of One Line Electrical Diagrams

  • Helps ensure personnel safety, equipment longevity, and plant reliability
  • Meet compliance with NFPA 70E 205.2: Single Line Diagrams shall be maintained in a legible condition and shall be kept current.
  • Comply with codes and standards – With just a few simple clicks you can access an updated network diagram 24/7, and to help you be compliant with local codes, and be prepared for required Power Systems Studies.
  • Minimize expensive modeling costs and time-consuming data collection for future engineering needs
  • Allow personnel who respond to an event to identify the affected equipment quickly
  • Improve operational reliability through Power System studies
  • Enhance facility expansion by running optimization and feasibility technical studies
  • Improved visibility and consistency allows you to manage multiple sites more efficiently
  • Get access to on-demand Power System Analysis (short circuit, protection coordination, Arc flash) and Power Quality Analysis delivered by Schneider Electric Consultants
  • Deliver advanced system studies such as Arc flash, protection coordination, and short circuits
  • Decrease your spending on data collection, downtime costs, and engineering.
  • Optimize CAPEX by modernizing your system to future-proof your business

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