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Schneider Electric Prefabricated Data Center Modules

Pre-Configured Enclosures and Micro Data Centers | Schneider Electric Prefabricated Data Center Modules

Schneider Electric Prefabricated Data Center ModulesSchneider Electric Prefabricated Data Center Modules are pre-engineered, pre-assembled/integrated, and pretested physical infrastructure systems. If your data center has outgrown your current space or you need additional security, these modules are delivered “to your door” ready to install. This approach eliminates costly one-time engineering, assembly, installation, and integration at the construction site. And these centers can grow with your business by quickly switching internal components. Schneider Electric can design and build tailored data center modules in weeks versus the months it takes to build an addition to your facility with a deployment speed of up to 60 percent faster than a traditional deployment.

You’ll also enjoy improved reliability, improved agility, and higher efficiency. And our factory testing uses the latest automation tools and processes to ensure performance parameters from the outset. With such predictability in hand, you can better plan your business and make more informed decisions.

Data Center Modules are designed to support three major applications:
  • Quick deploy, pre-engineered solutions for small/medium enterprise, healthcare, and education
  • Rugged, mobile solutions for industrial, government, emerging economies, and manufacturing
  • Scalable solutions for service providers and large scale deployments

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