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Eaton UPSEaton UPS systems leverage technical innovation to develop next-generation solutions and are designed to fulfill specific customer requirements, whether intended to complement a new or pre-existing solution, or deliver a single comprehensive solution. Eaton is a leading global provider of comprehensive power quality and backup power management solutions, consistently delivering the high 9s of availability demanded by today’s digital economy. Eaton solutions have been recognized by UPS users and industry experts for delivering the highest level of customer value and satisfaction in addition to demonstrating the most insight into customer needs among all UPS vendors. Ranked number one in the global UPS market above 5 kVA and number two at or under 5000 VA, Eaton products and services have earned the confidence of customers of all sizes worldwide.

Designed specifically for data centers and IT environments, Eaton’s Data Center ePDUs range from basic power distribution to the ability to monitor and manage power consumption. Do you have a power distribution solution for your Eaton UPS?  Find the correct ePDU option for your UPS with this guide:  Top Eaton UPSs matched with Eaton ePDUs

Eaton now offers a Lithium-Ion Battery Option in the 9PX, 9395 and 93PM UPS.  Li-Ion Batteries can be the perfect choice for your UPS and offer several advantages over traditional valve-regulated, lead acid batteries commonly used in UPSs today. For more information comparing Li-Ion batteries to VRLA, visit our Lithium-Ion page.

If you need more information about choosing the right Eaton UPS for your application, call us or see our article.

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