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TSI Power Voltage Regulators and Power Conditioners

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TSI Power Voltage Regulators and Power ConditionersTSI Power Voltage Regulators and Power Conditioners have been installed and providing power protection for over 20 years. They specialize in designing Voltage Regulation, Power Conditioning and other power products. TSI Power products are installed worldwide providing interruption-free uptime, protects expensive equipment and continuously operating (cycle-by-cycle) voltage correction for all types of sensitive loads.

TSI Power’s indoor and outdoor automatic voltage regulators are available for a variety of applications, including industrial, telecom and medical. The Raptor series of three-phase AC power conditioners (15~1000 kW) are designed with the latest advanced technologies and is a flexible, scalable industrial power conversion solution. The Raptor series features parallelable three phase current regulated IGBT converter modules controlled over a high-speed digital data link from a DSP. TSI Power’s ILC Series conditioners reduce the need for a high quality ground and a dedicated line, while eliminating interference from adjacent sources of disturbances. 

These AC power conditioners protect mission-critical equipment from unstable AC mains voltage, surges, spikes, swells, sags & momentary power outages to ensure uptime, save money and reduce downtime. With a range of single and three-phase automatic voltage regulators for indoor and outdoor applications, and power conditioners, TSI Power has the ideal solution for your facility.

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