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CE+T UL Listed Inverter Systems

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CE+T UL Listed Inverter Systems provide best-in-class reliability in applications with both AC and DC power. These modular, plug and play systems provide uninterrupted power to connected loads with even the harshest AC input sources. The CE+T inverters use the TSI Enhanced Power Conversion mode that produces high quality AC by drawing power from the AC mains and DC sources simultaneously, guaranteeing output power as long as one input source is available.

Using 48VDC – 120VAC hot-swappable inverter modules, the inverter systems are scalable and field upgradable. The TSI technology eliminates the static transfer switch, the single point of failure in a traditional UPS and inverter design.

CE+T UL Listed Inverter Systems Models

  • Modular Inverter System (MPC) uses a 1.5kva Media inverter module for a 12kva system rated for 120/240vac output or 18kva at 208vac 3 phase output. MPC is a portable sub-assembly specially designed to complement DC power plants. The MPC is compact and can be installed into a new or existing rack. The MPC can be configured with an optional AC wraparound bypass.
  • Modular Inverter Power System (MIPS), ideal for larger systems, uses a 2.5kVA Bravo inverter module for 20,40, or 50kva systems rated 120/240v output or 30,60,75, 150, or 225kva systems rated at 208vac 3 phase output. MIPS is a modular, free-standing frame that provides AC backup power from the existing DC infrastructure which can be designed with an optional AC wrap around bypass.
  • Media 2I is a piggyback inverter package designed to provide a pure sine wave AC supply as a complement to any existing DC power solution.
  • Media Modular Inverter is best suited for mid- to high-power systems.
  • Bravo Inverter (2500 VA) is ideal for medium to large systems, up to 225kVA.

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