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btech-productsToday, BTECH has incorporated 24 years worth of battery monitoring experience and data to offer the world a way to virtually eliminate your battery failure risk. We’ve developed an advanced approach based on managing battery systems with real-time measurement data that is easy to implement. Mission critical customers demand partners that can deliver technically superior, high quality products and services; this is what you should expect from BTECH and what we provide on a daily basis. Planners from the Data Center, Industrial, Utility and Telecommunications markets know that incorporating BTECH into their plans is the best decision they can make on battery monitoring. As an independent manufacturer BTECH’s engineers continue to discover and provide technological advances in battery data collection, analysis and integration, these advances are critical to maintain a competitive advantage. Today BTECH’s products are widely recognized as the benchmark in design, application and function.

The advent of computer grade UPS designs, smart charges, and constant duty cycle applications (solar etc.) requires that battery monitoring manufactures need to have the engineering resources and real world prowess available to adapt to new technologies. BTECH’s Industry leading designs are based on comprehensive real-world experience solving common DC Plant problems that will shut down mission critical operations without warning.  BTECH identifies all DC anomalies that will shut down your power backup, power conditioning and UPS systems.  BTECH’s predictive technologies provide operators with valuable time to plan and schedule proactive system repairs.

With over 7,000 installations worldwide, BTECH’s patented impedance method provides risk solid data accuracy and stability allowing more time to respond. No other system comes close. And with a load signal optimized to the battery type our system never subjects your batteries to a stressful load test. Plus, our system is not powered by your batteries avoiding unnecessary parasitic battery loads.


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