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OmniOn Line Drop Compensator

OmniOn Line Drop CompensatorThe OmniOn Line Drop Compensator is a 1RU shelf that provides up to 12 LDC circuits for safe and efficient powering of Remote Radio Heads.  Each shelf can accommodate up to 4 modules, each capable of driving 3 load cables.  By elevating the voltage used to drive the cable, the inherent line drop can be tuned out, allowing the user to achieve lower operating costs by reducing the line losses.  Conversely smaller cables may be used to power similar loads using the Compensator. 

Each shelf can be operated as a stand-alone solution, but can also be uplinked over the RS-485 data bus through the RJ-45 connection on the rear of the shelf.  This uplink allows each shelf to interface a GE Pulsar Plus controller (commonly used in our Infinity Power Systems) allowing local access, alarming and control of each circuit in every shelf as well as remote interface over the controller LAN connection

Note: OmniOn was formerly ABB

OmniOn Line Drop Compensator Features

  • Lower Line Losses, reducing operating expense
  • Run similar loads using smaller cables, reducing cable expense
  • In retrofit applications use existing cable to power higher power loads
  • Extend battery runtime by up to 35%
  • Uplink to master controller for remote access over LAN

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