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Battery Replacement Services and Maintenance

Standby Power Batteries | Battery Replacement Services and Maintenance

Battery Replacement ServicesAlpha Ener Tech Battery Replacement Services and Maintenance can enhance the reliability of your back-up power systems. While VRLA and flooded batteries are known for their reliability, they can become potential points of failure if ignored.  Not only will they eventually wear out but factors such as temperature and discharge cycles can negatively affect the length of their service life. With regular battery preventive maintenance services, you can address potential problems long before they develop and ensure full battery life. Alpha Ener Tech is pleased to offer comprehensive battery maintenance programs for flooded and VRLA batteries regardless of manufacturer.

In addition to battery preventive maintenance services, Alpha Ener Tech also offers complete battery replacement services including removal and disposal.  These services are available for any UPS, switchgear, or telecommunications applications within the continental United States. We encourage you to take an inventory of the power systems in your facility that are supported by VRLA or flooded batteries. Regular maintenance will help remove potential points of failure and will help accurately estimate when a battery replacement will be required.


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