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Slimline SPS 48V

Slimline SPS 48VThe Slimline SPS 48V, from OmniOn Power, formerly ABB/GE Critical Power, provides advanced controller features in a compact, cost-efficient footprint to power your Distributed Antenna System (DAS) solution. Built around a high efficiency, 1600W Rectifier, for system solutions with a profile as low as 1U. The SPS shelf is 1.75″ high, 10.3″ deep and mounts in 19-inch or 23-inch wide frames, with three power slots for rectifiers and distribution. The Slimline Power System provides advanced controller features in a compact, cost efficient footprint.

The SPS platform is based around a 1RU shelf configuration with an array of combinations of rectifier shelves and distribution options to address 500W to 19200W applications. The Pulsar Edge controller has Ethernet connectivity to facilitate remote network management to monitor and control rectifiers, batteries, and distribution. SPS is a reliable DC power solution where your DAS and small cell system height and depth are restricted.

Note: OmniOn Power was formerly ABB/GE Critical Power 

Slimline SPS 48V Shelf Options

  • 1U Shelf with Distribution 12”, sub-rack size cabinet solution description Stackable solutions
  • 1RU Bulk Rectifier Shelf
  • 1RU Distribution Shelves
  • 3RU DIN Rail Vertical Rectifier Bays
  • 3U integrated, bullet breaker solutions
  • Five, 1600W rectifiers in an 8000W system

Slimline SPS 48V Features and Benefits

  • Customer premise power for converged networks
  • Large plant features in a small plant package
  • 4800 Watt/90 Amps single shelf capacity in 1RU
  • Expandable to 19200 Watts / 360 Amps in 4800 Watt/90 Amp 1RU increments
  • 10.3 inches (264mm) depth is ideal where space is restricted
  • Over 95% efficiency

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