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OmniOn Power Express Shelf/Power Express Combiner

Power Express ShelfOmniOn Power Express Shelf, Class 2 Distribution, is a 1RU shelf that provides 32 100VA limited circuits for safe powering of remote loads.  NEC Class 2 rating allows for power cabling to be deployed in a data cable raceway instead of conduit thus reducing labor time and increasing speed to market.  Each shelf is designed to support an alarm card for stand-alone deployment and can be uplinked over the RD-485 data bus through the RJ-45 connection on the rear of the shelf.  This uplink allows each shelf to interface a GE Pulsar Plus controller (commonly used in our Infinity Power Systems) allowing local access, alarming and control of each circuit in every shelf as well as remote interface over the controller LAN connection.

The OmniOn Power Express Remote Combiner provides safe and effective remote powering for loads that exceed 100VA capabilities of a single Class 2 circuit.  The Power Express Combiner provides an interface for up to 8 Class 2 power circuits fed from the upstream location and provides safe (NEC compliant) aggregation to deliver a bulk -48V power source for remote devices.  The Power Express Combiner gives customers the peace of mind to guarantee that Class 2 deployments powering larger loads meet NEC requirements by not connecting power circuits in parallel without galvanic isolation.

Note: OmniOn Powerwas formerly ABB/GE Critical Power

OmniOn Power Express Shelf Features

  • Fast and Easy circuit terminations speed deployment
  • Individual circuit on/off/reset
  • Replace modules without re-wiring the shelf
  • Simple push button operation
  • Guaranteed Class 2 delivery with internal fusing (higher rated fuses cannot be installed thereby violating the class 2 performance)
  • Uplink to master controller for remote access over LAN

For more in-depth specifications, see the brochure.

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