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EcoStruxure Micro Data Center

Pre-Configured Enclosures and Micro Data Centers | EcoStruxure Micro Data Center

EcoStruxure Micro Data CenterAn EcoStruxure Micro Data Center, by Schneider Electric, is a complete IT infrastructure within a stand-alone enclosure that offers compact IT capability, for spaces where there is no dedicated IT, for critical business applications. These Micro Data Centers make the most of your limited space and are ideal for network closets, gray space and satellite offices. These pre-engineered Micro Data Centers combine power, cooling, physical security, and management software and services into prepackaged rack solutions that allow for quick deployment and responsiveness.

From selection to installation, a micro data center is a fast, easy and more cost-effective way to build and deploy IT space.  Choose the right Micro Data Center based on where it is going and its potential exposure to dust, moisture, and temperature changes. See the S, C and R series features below. EcoStruxure micro data centers are ideal for temperature and humidity controlled environments where you need to add small IT centers.  They feature complete data center physical infrastructure and management software in a single self-contained and secure enclosure.

EcoStruxure Micro Data Center Features

  • Pre-engineered and factory assembled
  • Simple and fast deployment
  • Protect critical data
  • Minimize latency
  • Designed for a range of applications from IT space to harsh environments
  • Physical security; Secure wall-mounted and floor enclosures. security cameras with remote viewing, access control, environmental monitoring
  • Easy deployment; Reference designs with all major IT vendors, guidance and validation at every step, full solution ordering, including pre-integration, management software & services
  • Remote management; EcoStruxure IT Software & Services enables IT users to mitigate and anticipate risk of failure of their critical infrastructure while reducing operational expenses through an open, vendor-agnostic platform, offering visibility, insights, 24/7 expert remote monitoring, and on-site support

EcoStruxure Micro Data Centers Series

  • S Series – ideal for IT environments
  • C Series – ideal for commercial environments
  • R Series – ideal for harsh environments
Environmental Description
IT space
Climate controlled
Occupied Space
Semi-climate controlled
Less Secure
Large amounts of particulate
Threat of water
Heavy traffic/Machinery
Not climate controlled
Less secure
Network closet
Small server room
Branch office
Manufacturing floor
Remote suites
Cell tower

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