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Flywheel UPS TechnologyFlywheel energy storage offers a more sustainable and battery free UPS solution. As an environmentally friendly, space saving, and lower total cost of ownership solution, flywheel technology is ideal for applications where no-break transitions to diesel generator or alternative electricity sources are required. This includes data centers, healthcare, industrial/process, broadcast, and campus applications.

Active Power Flywheel UPS Technology Benefits

Meets NFPA 99 Regulations – In healthcare applications, NFPA 99 regulations for Emergency Power Systems for medical facilities stipulate that generator sets must be able to assume the load within 10 seconds. Flywheel technology provides reliable energy storage to assure a seamless transition to the stand-by engine generator with no UPS batteries required.

Protects against the most common power problems – For industrial applications where voltage dips, sags and glitches can shut down sensitive process control equipment, leading to lost productivity and wasted materials, flywheel technology is a proven option. Roughly 98% of all voltage sags and outages are less than 10 seconds in duration, all of which can be solved by the energy stored in the Flywheel.

Ideal for Harsh Environments – Because Flywheel technology is less sensitive to temperature and humidity, they can operate in a variety of harsh environments.

Requires less cooling and service – In addition to being battery-free, UPS systems that have flywheel technology require minimal cooling and less frequent service. Factor in the easy installation, compact footprint, and low total cost of ownership and Flywheel UPS is a proven solution.

Active Power in Austin, Texas manufactures 250kW, 300kW and 675kW rated static UPS modules with integral flywheel that parallel up to multiple MW for capacity or redundancy. With a 5,500+ global installed base, and over twenty years of field history, Active Power is a Flywheel UPS Technology leader.

Active Power’s flywheels are used in all of their UPS systems. Click here to see the Active Power UPS product line.

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